orientation, scale and finding charts

Pedro Gomez 5 months ago • updated by Deborah Baines 4 months ago 1

I use EsaSky (among others) to prepare ground-based observations. At Phase II you can provided a finding chart for the resident astronomer to use. The usually ask for the N and E direction and the scale.

The scale could be ala Google maps in with you represent 1 arcdeg, 1 arcmin, 1 arcsec depending on the scale you have selected.

N and E directions should be particularly useful if a previous ticket, regarding FoV rotation and inversion is implemented.

The capability of generating a finding chart without menus, etc would be also extremely useful.

Dear Pedro,

Many thanks for feedback. We've had similar requests to add a scale and / or a grid and we'll therefor increase the priority of this in our backlog.

If I understand correctly your last sentence, you can take a screenshot of ESASky using the screenshot icon, which removes the menus and data panels but keeps the footprints / sources / background image etc.

Kind regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team